SAP Table - WB2_C_RMG

DescriptionTrading Contract: Changeable Field Group
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryGlobal Trade

SAP Global Trade Tables

TWB2MATCHINGTBLTrading Contract: Matching Source table definitionLO-GT
TWCBCATEGORYTText Condition Contract CategoryLO-GT
TEWACTIONTClasses That Perform Subsequent ActionLO-GT
TTCTYP2HEDGEWB2C: Assignment of Trading Contract Type - Hedging TypeLO-GT
TWBPOSTYPGROUPTTrading Expenses: Posting Type GroupLO-GT
TB2BP4Price change groupLO-GT
WBCPM_C_IVTY_ICPM Calc Types per Status Type (for Item)LO-GT
KOTM001Responsiblities for Material GroupsLO-GT
TB2BADDGlobal Trade: Define Additional Data for Object CategoriesLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHDTMethod description for Processing of Follow-on documentLO-GT

Full List of SAP Global Trade Tables