What is Oracle Eloqua?

For marketing automation, Oracle offered software as a service (SaaS) platform which is nothing but Eloqua. It also helps for organisations marketing campaigns and B2B marketers. It sends marketing advertisements to email, mobile devices, search results pages and videos. Because of its robustness, it is best suited for mid-size firms.

How Oracle Eloqua balances B2B and B2C_.pngEloqua can stores the tracked customers information in its databases such as name, email, company, address, Job title and phone number. Board offering of Oracle can be available in four different packages like team, lite, express and enterprise. Eloqua helps with the solutions of on-demand marketing for both B2C(Business to Consumer) and B2B(Business to Business) organisations. It is unique in both B2B and B2B services.

Is there any difference between B2B and B2C? Like all, we know B2B marketers have the same counterparts as their B2C. Business to business(B2B) required more significant investments.

Balancing Business to Business(B2B)

The exchange of information, services, products between businesses. It is also known as e-biz. Business to business marketing is nothing but the marketing of products to some other organisations. B2B websites can be sorted as product supply, company websites, informative sites, brokering sites. Oracle B2B provides reliable exchange and security of documents. Oracle database is used as a service for the business to business marketing. B2B mainly focuses on selling products and services to some other companies. It always offers the raw materials to boost the profits.

Automobile manufacturing is the excellent example of business to business marketing. The batteries, hoses, tires and other electronics are essential for the final product. Separate companies manufactured the vehicles and sold to the automobile manufacturer directly. Typically business to business relies on its functions of sales. The B2B software includes templates and site-building tools. The B2B websites are used for enabling the product supplies exchanges. We have another mobile app called canva which is used to design the e-flyers by using the android mobile. This app supports many colors with their codes. It is also used for creating graphical images.

The fundamental aspects of maintaining the balance between B2B and B2C are getting buyers to the sites, making to purchase the products as simple as possible and exact products that the buyers are looking for. Looking for the buyers what they exactly need. It is the responsibility of B2B companies to deal with the payment complexity, checkouts and contracts. The website visitors of B2B are looking for a product because it’s their job. They will come back if we make their job easier. Including the ability to provide quotes Oracle commerce offers essential B2B functionality. It also experiences the enabling of B2B companies managers to automate and personalize the customer’s online buying.

Balancing Business to Consumer(B2C)

Business to Consumer is nothing but the transactions conducted directly between the company and consumer. As we know, B2B is referred to as online business, whereas B2C is referred to as selling the products individually to the customers directly. It is electronic commerce which is used to donate financial transactions. It involves a product exchange from a company to a consumer. In 1979 the idea of B2C was first implemented by Michael Aldrich. He used television as the resource to communicate with consumers directly. Nowadays internet rises a lot creates the whole business to consumer marketing as e-commerce. During the 1990s the dotcom era changes the entire world, especially in the B2C marketing.

After the e-commerce boom the business to consumer marketing looking for the other sources such as mobile apps and traffic continuing. With simplified management and configuration, oracle goldengate 12c brought the extreme performance for the business to consumer marketing. Nowadays if you want any service, then many mobile applications are available for different functions. Suppose if you want the home tutor for your children for that opportunity many home tutors are waiting. The connection between the parents and the home tutor can be possible through many mobile apps. Urban clap is one of the mobile apps which offers many services.

These days consumers are looking for the marketing messages which are relevant to them. The tendency of human beings is to over complicate things and business to consumer is no different. The consumers should be in control and are in charge of.


The type of marketing and apparent speed of the marketing are the main differences between B2B and B2C. The marketing relationship between consumers and producers are also different. But, at last, both B2B and B2C are used to market under the consumer base. However, the approach is different, but the goal is the same. Both B2B and B2C are part of Oracle commerce cloud to drive sales, growth and customer loyalty.  The unified enterprise-grade that is on B2B and B2C platform is nothing but the oracle commerce cloud.

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