JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Tutorial – Learn JavaScript programming from basics with the help of our Online JavaScript Training.

About JavaScript

JavaScript is

  • Programming Language – consists of instructions.
  • High Level – Strong abstraction from details of computer.
  • Dynamic – Executes at runtime.
  • Prototype based – Behaviour reuse is done using prototypes.
  • Interpreted – An interpreter executes the code directly without a need for compilation.

Why learn JavaScript ?

JavaScript is one of the three important languages being used for WWW (World Wide Web) content production, the other two being HTML and CSS. So, if you are planning to become a Web Developer, JavaScript is kind of must nowadays.

  • HTML – defines content in web pages.
  • CSS – defines layout of elements in html.
  • JavaScript – defines behaviour of web pages.

Also, based on JavaScript programming language, many frameworks and databases have been developed. The most popular and trending now a days is MEAN stack.

  • M – MongoDB
  • E – Express (web application framework)
  • A – AngularJS
  • N – Node.js

How simple is JavaScript to learn ?

JavaScript is very simple. With our Try Online option, you may try executing the code right here, with us. There are many examples included in this JavaScript Tutorial. We strongly recommend that you try these example online, here itself, and get hands on experience of JavaScript basics and advanced concepts.

Simple Example

Following is a simple JavaScript Example, using alert() method.


    alert('Learn JavaScript');


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We just kick started learning JavaScript. Let us go through the rest of JavaScript Tutorials and learn JavaScript basics.