Salesforce Developer Tutorials – Visulforce pages, Apex programming.

Are you searching Salesforce Developer tutorials? Want to learn Salesforce Visualforce and Apex Programming? Do you want to build your own Salesforce applications on platform? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely consider becoming Salesforce Developer and looking for Salesforce tutorial. If your goal is to be a Salesforce developer then Salesforce administration knowledge is must. In this Salesforce developer tutorial we learn about Visualforce pages and Apex programming language.

With, Salesforce developers can customise declaratively or by programmatically. Both declarative and programmatic has User interface, Business logic and Data Model which can be developed.

Salesforce Developer Tutorials – Visualforce & Apex Tutorial.

Declarative Customisation.

  • Declarative Customizations can be made point and click in a browser.
  • Declarative customizations require an understanding of concepts, without coding Knowledge.
  • Applications, Tabs, Page layouts, Record Types are used to develop user interface in declarative approach.
  • Workflows, Validation Rules and Approval Processes are used to develop Business logic in declarative approach.
  • Objects, Fields and Relationships are used to develop Data models in declarative approach.

Programmatic Customisations

  • Programmatic approach require coding skills.
  • Visualforce pages and Visualforce Components are used to develop User interface in programmatic approach.
  • Apex Triggers, Apex Controllers and Apex classes are used to develop Business logic in programmatic approach.
  • Metadata API, REST API, Bulk API are used to develop data model in programmatic approach.
Salesforce Developer Tutorials - Learn Visualforce, Salesforce Apex

As a Salesforce Developer, it is required to develop user interface, Business logic and Data model to build an application on the Salesforce platform. It is required to learn Visualforce page to develop user interface for an application and Apex for adding business logic to the app.

Advantages of Declarative Customisation over Programmatic customizations.

Declarative CustomisationProgrammatic Customisations
Easy of Development, Fast, More Visual, Easy of upgrades.It extends the capabilities  of a standard functionalities.
Easy of Maintenance and Coding knowledge is not required.

At the end of this Salesforce developer tutorials you will learn Apex programming language, Visualforce pages, Salesforce deployments, Sandboxes, Outbound Change Sets, Inbound Change sets, Deployment Settings and many more.

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