Kotlin Android Tutorial

Kotlin Android Tutorial helps you learn Android Application Development using Kotlin Programming Language with Example Projects and Programs. Downloadable reading materials for references.

These tutorials are targeted for beginners who are enthusiastic and about to write their first Android Application or just playing around the basics of Android using Kotlin language. We shall also present you the capabilities and features provided by Android with examples and sample projects to make your Android Application Development easy and fun.

Getting Started

  1. Example Android Application with Kotlin Support
  2. Convert Java Files to Kotlin Files
  3. Kotlin vs Java for Android Development
  4. Using Java8 features for Android Development

Android TextView

  1. Create new Android TextView programmatically
  2. Set OnClickListener for TextView

Android Button

  1. Create new Android Button programmatically
  2. Set OnClickListener for Button
  3. Customize Button Background
  4. Dynamically change Button background

Android Toast

  1. Android Toast Example

Android EditText

  1. Create new Android EditText programatically

Android ImageView

  1. Android Set OnClickListener for ImageView

Android RadioButtons

  1. Create new Android Radio Buttons pragmatically

Android SeekBar

  1. Android SeekBar Example
  2. Android SeekBar Set Custom Range

Android ListView

  1. Android ListView Example
  2. Android Refresh ListView

Android Programming – Other

  1. Access View programmatically using findViewById
  2. Android runOnUiThread()

Android – Text To Speech

  1. Android Text To Speech Example

Android Game Development

  1. Getting Started with Android Game Development
  2. Detect Collisions between two Sprites

Android – Fix Errors

  1. Android Gradle Error : Minimum supported Gradle version

Android Example Applications

  1. Android Login Form Example

About Kotlin

Kotlin has been announced as an officially supported language, and joined Java and C++, for Android App Development with Android Studio.

Learning Android development is very easy, given that you know the right direction and correct steps. Of Course Official Android Developer provides a rich documentation and examples which are helpful in easing the Android App Development. We here help you and guide you in taking those first little steps and master in developing your own Android Applications.

Kotlin Android Tutorial with Code Examples and Sample Projects - www.tutorialkart.com

Kotlin Android Tutorial

Understanding the Android Terminology

Understanding the terms and widgets used in an application is like learning a new spoken language in a new geographical area. We may not understand the terms the community is speaking (Android Terms) in a new play ground (Android Studio). We shall present you with easy examples and analogies to memorize the terms and regularly used methods that alter the properties of different components in Android.

If you are already an Android developer and have been developing android applications using Java language, you may convert your java files to kotlin in Android Studio.