Selenium Java

In this series of Selenium Tutorials, we cover topics, use cases, and scenarios, that we try to address using Java programming.

Section 1 – Getting Started

The following tutorials help us to setup Selenium in our PC / Mac, and get started with an example Selenium program.


Section 2 – Working with Links

Links are the most common web elements we interact with. The following tutorials cover concepts of finding links based on text, partial text, URL etc., and other use cases specific to link elements.

Section 3 – Keyboard Actions

Selenium can simulate keyboard actions. The following tutorials cover topics of entering a key or multiple keys from keyboard using Selenium.

Section 4 – Working with Web Elements

A web page consists of web elements. Paragraph is a web element, Link is a web element, Headings are web elements, Div is a web element, etc.

The following tutorials cover how to find web elements based on distinguishing parameters, how to get attributes and/or the respective values of a web element, how to interact with the web elements simulating a user, etc.

Section 5 – Web Page level Tutorials

The following tutorials cover the Web Page level properties, and use cases.

Section 6 – Working with JavaScript

Selenium can run the given JavaScript code in the current browser window. The following tutorials help us to understand some of the use cases related to JavaScript for the current web page using Selenium.

Section 7 – Working with Cookies

The following tutorials cover the create, read, and delete operations on cookies.

Section 8 – Window Management

The browser window that is opened by Selenium can be managed in terms of size, OS level operations like: maximize, minimize, etc., taking a screenshot of the window, etc.

Section 9 – Browser Navigation

Browser’s navigation button’s like forward button, back button, and refresh button can be accessed using Selenium.

Section 10 – Solving Issues

The following tutorials cover some of the issues or road blocks that occur when working with Selenium in Java.