R Tutorial

We present you the R Tutorial, to learn R, the basics of R programming language, interfacing data to R from different data sources, creating charts and graphs, and extracting statistical information.

R Tutorial - Learn R programming language

What is R programming language ?

R is an open source programming language. It has become one of the powerful choices for statistical analysis. R helps you to get big picture of your data by calculating statistical parameters like mean, standard deviation, correlation etc.

Features of R

  • Open Source and Free to use.
  • Works well for statistics.
  • Command-Line Programming Language – But IDEs like R Studio and plugins to the popular IDEs like Eclipse, etc., are available.
  • Easy sharing of Results or Analysis.
  • Integration with other packages and programming languages.
  • R programming is easy and informative.

R Tutorial Index

In our R Tutorial, we shall take you through the following topics :

Data Interfacing – from different sources of data to R language

Charts, Plots & Graphs – R Tutorial

Statistical Analysis

  • R Mean of a Vector
  • R Median of a Vector
  • R Mode
  • R Linear Regression
  • R Multiple Regression
  • R Logistic Regression
  • R Normal Distribution
  • R Binomial Distribution
  • R Poisson Regression
  • R Analysis of Covariance
  • R Time Series Analysis
  • R Nonlinear Least Square
  • R Decision Tree
  • R Random Forest
  • R Survival Analysis
  • R Chi Square Tests


With this R Tutorial, we have learnt the basics of R, how to interface data to R from different sources, create charts and graphs, and extract statistical information.