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Welcome to Tutorialkart Salesforce tutorial. We provide you the best Salesforce tutorial for Salesforce admin & developers modules. Learn Salesforce with real-time examples.

Why Salesforce? is one of the top leading Software as a Service in the world. It provides Salesforce automation, Customer Service, Social Collaboration and power tools to build Salesforce custom application. is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool which allows users to manage contacts, to track sales activity and active leads. In, we have two main roles they are Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer.


Salesforce Tutorial will provide free Salesforce tutorial that is essential for beginners to learn Salesforce. Every topic in Salesforce is explained step-by-step by top Salesforce professionals. Students can request for Salesforce materials, Salesforce Certification dumps and Interview Questions in PDF.

Our main motive is to deliver high-quality free Salesforce tutorial to students with training materials and Interview questions. We divided the Salesforce tutorial into two parts: Salesforce Admin tutorial and Salesforce Developer tutorial.

Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners

What is Salesforce admin?

A Salesforce administrator is someone or a team who keep Salesforce users trained and educated and solves complicated business problems. They create tools and apps that are essential for any project.

What does a Salesforce developer do?

 A Salesforce developer is a person who works on application development cycle activities like Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and Implementation.

Salesforce Tutorial

  1. Salesforce administrator Tutorial.
  2. Salesforce developer tutorial.
  3. Salesforce Apex tutorial.
  4. Salesforce SOQL tutorial.
  5. Salesforce Visualforce tutorial.

How to Learn Salesforce?

Are you confused to get started with, we recommend every user to get basics understanding about cloud computing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) topics. Then start learning Salesforce with tutorialkart Salesforce tutorial and give a try to Salesforce Practice tests. It is highly recommended that Salesforce user must practice every topic twice for best learning.

Salesforce Interview Questions

Salesforce Interview questions and Salesforce dumps are very essential for preparation to get Salesforce Jobs. At the end of the every Salesforce tutorial, Salesforce Interview question will be provided and can be downloaded in PDF format.