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Scala Tutorial


The prerequisites to learn scala is to have a basic knowledge of programming concepts. Having known Java or its syntax also helps to get a better pace with learning Scala. This series of Scala Tutorials are targeted for beginners. So, if you have just started programming with Scala, no worries. We deal with the concepts from the basics.

Scala Basic Program

This is a basic scala program that prints “Hello World” to console output.

object HelloWorld {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    println("Hello World") // prints to console

Scala Tutorial Index

Scala Basics

  • Scala Example Program
  • Scala Variables
  • Scala Datatypes
  • Scala if
  • Scala if-else
  • Scala For loop
  • Scala While loop

Scala Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Scala String

Scala Array

Scala Collection

Scala Tuple

Scala Exceptions