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SAP HR Tutorial – SAP HCM module training tutorials for all beginners and professional learners, learn how to implement and configure SAP HR module step by step with real time scenarios.

SAP human resource management (HR) module is also called as Human Capital Management (HCM). It is one of the important module of SAP systems as it plays an important role in supporting all the business scenarios of human resources of an organization. SAP HCM module can be integrated with other of modules of SAP like SAP FICO (Financial Accounting), SAP PP (Production Planning), SAP PS (Project systems), SAP WF (Workflow), etc.

SAP HR Sub-modules

The important sub modules of SAP HCM are

  1. Recruitment
  2. Organizational Management
  3. Personnel Administration
  4. Time Management
  5. Payroll Accounting
  6. Training and Event Management
  7. Travel Management

Recruitment Sub-module : – This module deals with all the activities of recruitment of applicant from initial entry to hiring or rejection of applicant.

Organizational Management (OM) : – Organizational management module describes the organizational structure and reporting structure for a specific period. HR OM module is mandatory to implement whenever client would like to go for ESS, MSS, Personnel development and ECM.

Travel Management Sub module : – This module deals with all the activities of business travel like booking travel trips, settlements, etc.

Payroll Accounting sub module : – Payroll module deals with financial records of employees salaries, wages, bonuses, etc. The basic functionality of payroll is processing the pay components for a specific period.

Training and Event Management : – This module enables to plan and manage training needs and facilities for employees. Based on the requirements organizations provides training for implementing SAP modules,  so that end to end implementation is possible.

Personnel Administration (PA): – This module maintains all the HR master database of employees, so information about an employee can accessed on personnel administration.

Time Management (TM) : – TM module enables to track the working time of an employees in an organization. The important functions of SAP HR time management are Time recording, leave management, attendance management, time data collection for payroll run.

SAP HR Module Course Syllabus

Learn SAP HCM as per syllabus wise and helps you to learn HR module very quickly and easily. This SAP HR tutorials are designed and developed by the top SAP HR consultant with real time project scenarios and issues.

HR – Enterprise Structure

  1. Define company code
  2. Define personnel areas
  3. Define personnel subareas
  4. Define employee groups
  5. Define employee subgroups
  6. Assignment of personnel area to company code
  7. Assign employee group to employee subgroup.

SAP HR – Personnel Administration

  1. Maintain user parameters
  2. Define employee attributes
  3. Define administrator groups
  4. Define Infogroups
  5. What is infotype
  6. Define infotype menus
  7. What are actions
  8. Setup personal action types

SAP HCM – Time Management

  1. Define public holiday classes
  2. Personnel subarea groupings
  3. Create daily work schedules
  4. Create period work schedules
  5. Create day types
  6. PS groupings for absences
  7. Define absence types
  8. Define counting class for period work schedule
  9. Settings group for time quotas
  10. Define absence quota types
  11. Define attendance quota types
  12. Define counting rules

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