Ruby Vs Python: Choosing the best!!!

Introducing Ruby and Python

Python and Ruby are those two choice new generation high-level programming language that has become a popular among developers as both these languages possess simple syntax and writes a very concise and readable code. While comparing, we can see that it is just their approach that is in contrast with each other whereas the outcome is similar for both the languages.

Compared to Ruby, Python language is a bit conservative in nature because when Ruby gives its users the liberty to do the same problem in numerous ways, Python is quite strict regarding this and wants the one and only best solution to solve the problem.

Comparing the syntax of Ruby and Python

Let’s begin the comparison of both the programming languages from their very root: their respective syntaxes. Let’s compare the syntax of the most basic program; the one that prints the string “Hello World”.

Python program to print ‘Hello World!’

print (“Hello World!”)

Ruby program to print ‘Hello World!’

puts ‘Hello World!’

Yes, you don’t have to double-check. The program is a one-liner. Now, you know how Ruby and Python became so popular among the web developers. Since both of them are the most sought after object oriented programming languages of the 21st century with standard libraries for data analysis and data visualizations and very strongly supporting communities who will be always be there to help the user if he runs into any sort of trouble.

Both Python and Ruby are excellent choices for web development and their efficiency can be doubled in the field of web development can be increases by the use of web frameworks. The popularly used web framework for Python is Django and Ruby mostly uses Rails. However, Python is preferred over Ruby in the academic and scientific field.

Contrasting Python and Ruby

Flexibility in coding

The major difference is their approach towards the program. When Ruby provides flexibility to its programmers and lets them add up some little tricks in order to come up with an elegant web framework Python is not so supportive of this approach and is hell bent on coding in the best way possible. This makes Python developers conservative as they value stability over change. When Ruby concentrates more on creating an elegant code, Python focuses more on the readability of the program.


Comparing Ruby and Python, although both of these languages are object-oriented, Python is found to be less object oriented than Ruby. In Ruby, everything is an object whereas in Python there are still primitive data types and everything necessarily need not be an object but it is still object oriented in practice.


The communities of both Ruby and Python are always willing to be there if you face a problem. But the community of Python seems to be more diverse in comparison to that of the community of Ruby. Ruby was not a popular and favored choice till 2005. When the web framework, Rails was introduced in 2005, that’s when Ruby rise to popularity. So Ruby community is still in its course of progress as compared to that of Python community.

Famous websites created using Python and Ruby

Famous Python websitesFamous Ruby websites

For Data Analysis

The debate over both these languages took shape primarily when the a question arose about which language is better for Data Analysis. As mentioned earlier, Python is extensively used in the academic field for machine learning, statistics and general proofs of concepts. In the field of Data Science, thus, Python has created an irreplaceable position for itself.

For Web development

Ruby is clearly preferred over Python in the case of Web development. More than any other Python frameworks like Django, Flask, etc. Ruby on Rails is the most popular framework that is used for web development. Ruby is also the preferred language for the tasks that are related with DevOps.

Choosing the best and wrapping up

Well, now that we have a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of both the languages and the fields that they excel in now it’s time to decide the winner. In my opinion, IT DEPENDS. I am not trying to provide a diplomatic answer but my honest opinion. The choice is up to you to make regarding the choice of languages because the choice can not be made on the basis of their capabilities. Ruby on rails and Python, both can do everything the latter can do. So it’s not a question of capability but of your requirement.

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