SAP Customer Service (CS) Tables

TBMOTAccounting indicatorsCS
TBMOTXAccounting indicator descriptionCS
IBSSI_RFCDESTRFC Destination for Calls PlugIn => IBS-SI SystemCS

SAP Installed Base Management Tables

TCM_ECNList of Change Numbers (Configuration Management)CS-IB

SAP Customer Interaction Tables

CCMACLoggable activity codesCS-CI
CIMAPInput Sequence for BDC SessionsCS-CI
COMAPOnline BDC output mapping from message table to containerCS-CI
CACCELOnline BDC transaction accelerator definitionCS-CI
EWFCONFront Office ConfigurationCS-CI
EWFPARFront Office Configuration: Call ParameterCS-CI
CCMLOGActivity logCS-CI
EWFCALFront Office CallCS-CI
EWFGRUFront Office Call GroupCS-CI
EWFFNDFront Office Configuation DeterminationCS-CI

Full List of SAP Customer Interaction Tables

SAP Call Management Tables

ISMPSDB: Symptom tableCS-CM
ISOLSDB: Solution tableCS-CM
ISMOBSDB: Symptom Object tableCS-CM
T0KBCSDB: Customizing Symptom CategoryCS-CM
ISOPTSDB: Table for user settingsCS-CM
ISUSRSDB: Table for user recently edited symptoms/solutionsCS-CM
ISMITSDB: Symptom TriggerCS-CM
ISMSLSDB: Symptom Solution Link tableCS-CM
ISLTKSDB: Solution TaskCS-CM
T0KBASDB: Customizing Symptom TypeCS-CM

Full List of SAP Call Management Tables

SAP Service Processing Tables

IWWOPervasive Service: Cluster with Internet DataCS-SE
VBPMSupplement for Sales Document Items: Technical PM ObjectsCS-SE
RESTOReservation records for PM technical objectsCS-SE
T399AControl: Automatic Order CreationCS-SE
T399CControl: Service Assembly ProcessingCS-SE