SAP Table - A162

SAP TableA162
DescriptionTrading Contract: Invoice Recipient
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General

SAP Logistics - General Tables

ECP_FUNCTION_LSTList of function types supported by SAPLO
CHBSFMTFitlist relevant material groupsLO
CMDET_S06667Individual Records for Updating External Credit DataLO
TB2BLTrading Contract: Allowed Field Changes Trading ContractLO
TB2BGTTrading Contract: Text Table, Incompleteness GroupLO
ECP_FIELDTABTXE&C portal: text table of the ecp_fieldtableLO
TB2BFTrading Contract: Status Group/Application Stat. LinkLO
A365Trading Contract/Vendor/MaterialLO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGKPIs Available in Company CatalogLO

Full List of SAP Logistics - General Tables