SAP Table - A364

SAP TableA364
DescriptionTrading Contract/Vendor/Material
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General

SAP Logistics - General Tables

HBSRLCCharacteristics for RulesLO
ECP_FUNCTION_TXTText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
ECP_FUNCTION_LSTList of function types supported by SAPLO
A162Trading Contract: Invoice RecipientLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE_TText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
CND_MAPC_FIL_UAFilter Table for Condition Usage and ApplicationLO
EPM_CODEKey Management for KPI ValuesLO
CRS_BLOCKSBlocks for Initial Download Customer MasterLO
CPCRMSTOCK1Define stock values on material levelLO
EPM_KPICATEGORYTKPI Text (Language-Dependent)LO

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