SAP Table - BSIM

DescriptionSecondary Index, Documents for Material
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInvoice Verification

SAP Invoice Verification Tables

TASSIGN_IV_T169BAuxiliary Table for Status Information IV Maintenance ViewMM-IV
T169DCAutomatic Settlement of Planned Delivery CostsMM-IV
RBVDInvoice Document - Aggregation DataMM-IV
T169PParameters, Invoice VerificationMM-IV
RBSELTRANSPMNGInvoice Receipt Selection for Transportation ManagementMM-IV
RBDIFFMEBatch Invoice Verification - Quantity DifferencesMM-IV
RBKPDocument Header: Invoice ReceiptMM-IV
T066KWindow Coordinates, Invoice Verification/ValuationMM-IV
RKWAConsignment WithdrawalsMM-IV
RBWSWithholding Tax Data, Incoming InvoiceMM-IV

Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tables