SAP Table - RBEX

DescriptionPersistent Key Figures Header and Item
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInvoice Verification

SAP Invoice Verification Tables

T169VARIANCETYPPossible Variance Types in InvoicesMM-IV
RBSELDELIIncoming Invoice: Delivery SelectionMM-IV
TMCW3_06Hold Table Counter Readings BW Recompil. for IV (Appl. '06')MM-IV
RSEG_TMTM Document Items Incoming InvoiceMM-IV
TCULIVCustomizing: Direct Posting in Log. Invoice VerificationMM-IV
T169TCDATALogistics Invoice Verification: Item List VariantsMM-IV
T169ETolerance Limit KeysMM-IV
T169TCTEXTTo be deleted!MM-IV
T003RNumber Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification)MM-IV
RBTXTaxes: Incoming InvoiceMM-IV

Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tables