SAP Table - CCIHC_AC01

DescriptionEHS: Safety Measure Types
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryIndustrial Hygiene and Safety

SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables

CCIHC_IPTYPETXTEHS: Role of Person Involved -> Language-Dependent TextsEHS-IHS
CCIHT_ANQSRELEHS: Analysis Method Questionnaire - Relevant QuestionsEHS-IHS
CCIHT_IPEVINJEHS: Injuries to Person AffectedEHS-IHS
CCIHT_ERRAEHS: - Obsolete - Exposure Assignment - Risk AssessmentEHS-IHS
CCIHC_OBJNAMEHS: Description for the Object TypesEHS-IHS
CCIHC_IALPCATABSEHS: Assignment Grp Absence Type - Accident CategoryEHS-IHS
CCIHT_AM01EHS: Customer Analysis Method 01EHS-IHS
CCIHC_MJCATTXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Sampling TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHC_FATRMTTXTEHS: Type of Aid Given -> Language-Dependent TextsEHS-IHS
CCIHT_WAPTEHS: Assignment of Template to Work AreaEHS-IHS

Full List of SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables