SAP Table - CCIHC_IH03

DescriptionEHS: Exposure Value Assignment (Obsolete)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryIndustrial Hygiene and Safety

SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables

CCIHC_IH07EHS: Exposure RatingEHS-IHS
CCIHT_ERRAEHS: - Obsolete - Exposure Assignment - Risk AssessmentEHS-IHS
CCIHC_QT05EHS: Assignment Table Agent Type/Amount CategoryEHS-IHS
CCIHC_EPTYPE_FCEHS: Assignment of Functions to Agent TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPWATYPEEHS: Assignment Level Measurement Project to Work Area TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHC_AY01EHS: Control Table for Analysis MethodsEHS-IHS
CCIHC_IH06EHS: Exposure Rating CategoryEHS-IHS
CCIHC_METDVTYPEEHS: Assignment Measurement Method to Device TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHC_OC02EHS: Operation Status - Language-Dependent DescriptionEHS-IHS
CCIHC_OBJNAMEHS: Description for the Object TypesEHS-IHS

Full List of SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables