SAP Table - CCIHC_OC01

DescriptionEHS: Operation Status
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryIndustrial Hygiene and Safety

SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables

CCIHC_RCTREEIDTXDescriptions for Trees in Cause AnalysisEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPLEVELEHS: Assignment Level Measurement ProjectEHS-IHS
CCIHC_TCG41EHS: User-Defined Text Type - Object Type AssignmentEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPWATYPEEHS: Assignment Level Measurement Project to Work Area TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHT_IPEVALIMEHS: Incident/Accident Log - Link Accident to RestrictionsEHS-IHS
CCIHC_PBEHS: Probability of RiskEHS-IHS
CCIHT_AD10EHS: Customer Analysis Method 10 Detail DataEHS-IHS
CCIHT_WAQSEHS: Work Area - Specific Questionnaire AssignmentEHS-IHS
CCIHC_IH07EHS: Exposure RatingEHS-IHS
CCIHC_AY01EHS: Control Table for Analysis MethodsEHS-IHS

Full List of SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables