SAP Table - CCIHC_WA07

DescriptionEHS: Control Table for Integration Objects
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryIndustrial Hygiene and Safety

SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables

CCIHC_AC08EHS: IHS Safety Measure Category - Language-Dependent Descr.EHS-IHS
CCIHT_WALDEHS: Language-Dependent Name and Descr. of Work AreaEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPLEVELTXTEHS: Lang.-Dependent Desc. for Assgmt Level MP to Work AreaEHS-IHS
CCIHT_EPIEHS: Exposure Profile EntryEHS-IHS
CCIHC_IH05EHS: Assignment Display Field to Agent CharacteristicEHS-IHS
CCIHC_AC06EHS: Effectiveness - Language-Dependent DescriptionEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPTYPEEHS: Measurement Project TypeEHS-IHS
CCIHC_MPREGTXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Evaluation ObjectsEHS-IHS
CCIHC_RCNODETXTTexts for Causes and Root CausesEHS-IHS
CCIHC_OBJNAMEHS: Description for the Object TypesEHS-IHS

Full List of SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables