SAP Table - T169D

SAP TableT169D
DescriptionInvoice Verification: Amount Check
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInvoice Verification

SAP Invoice Verification Tables

T169COMPLAINT_TTexts for Complaints ReasonsMM-IV
T169BPPartner Allowed as Payment RecipientMM-IV
RBEXPersistent Key Figures Header and ItemMM-IV
T169WPosting Strings (Values) for SAPMM08RMM-IV
BSIM_BAKSecondary Index, Documents for MaterialMM-IV
RBTXTaxes: Incoming InvoiceMM-IV
T169QDifferential Invoicing ProcessMM-IV
RBCODocument Item, Incoming Invoice, Account AssignmentMM-IV
T169FTransaction-Dependent Defaults: Invoice VerificationMM-IV
T169HKONTDirect Posting to G/L Account of Invoicing PartyMM-IV

Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tables