SAP Table - T169TCDATA

DescriptionLogistics Invoice Verification: Item List Variants
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInvoice Verification

SAP Invoice Verification Tables

T149CGlobal Valuation CategoriesMM-IV
TMRM007ATax Codes: Invoice Verification/Invoice Entry (FI)MM-IV
RBSELTRANSPMNGInvoice Receipt Selection for Transportation ManagementMM-IV
RBVSInvoice Verification: Split Invoice AmountMM-IV
T169COMPLAINTComplaints Reasons in an InvoiceMM-IV
T169HEntry ProfileMM-IV
RBVDInvoice Document - Aggregation DataMM-IV
RBSELCONTRACTInvoice Receipt Contract SelectionMM-IV
T169VARIANCETYPPossible Variance Types in InvoicesMM-IV
MRMRBBW_ERR_EXTRMessage Log for Extraction to BWMM-IV

Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tables