SAP Table - T5BPBS13C

DescriptionEmployee function code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 073)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryBelgium

SAP Belgium Tables

T5BD9TDMFA Remuneration Codes TextsPY-BE
T5BCI13Complementary Indemnity: Reason for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BVGEmployers SI reduction for the hiring of young workersPY-BE
T5BX9Belcotax: Fiche 281.25 mapping Belco Zones to QualificationPY-BE
T5BX4Belgium tax declaration, assign wages to zonePY-BE
T5BPCPostal CodesPY-BE
T5BPBS08Code Article 29 - AR 25/11/91 (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 271)PY-BE
T5BCI15Complementary Indemnity: Allowance Subgroup Code ListPY-BE
T5BC0Rail Tariff for Commuting Expenses (B)PY-BE
T5BP3Responses personnel calendarPY-BE

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