SAP Table - T5BVS

DescriptionSocial insurance tape format
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryBelgium

SAP Belgium Tables

T5BCI13TComplementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BCI11Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code ListPY-BE
T5BX8TDescription of BELCOTAX form sectionPY-BE
T5BVZContribution to factory shutdown fundPY-BE
T5BCI13Complementary Indemnity: Reason for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BV7Rates for wage moderationPY-BE
T5BTZReduction on taxable base (normal)PY-BE
T5BV4Factory shutdown fundraising (FFE/FSO)PY-BE
T5BVSSocial insurance tape formatPY-BE
T5BPBS03TText-table associated with T5BPBS03PY-BE

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