SAP Table - T5BX12T

SAP TableT5BX12T
DescriptionHR-Belgium: Belcotax Qualification Code List TEXT
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryBelgium

SAP Belgium Tables

T5BSB1HR-Belgium: Social Balance SAP Code AttributesPY-BE
T5BP1Control of Personal Calendar (B)PY-BE
T5BCI11Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code ListPY-BE
T5BPBS10Check table for domain P12P_CA_ARTYPEPY-BE
T5BPBS03Check-table for Domain P12P_RANKPY-BE
T5BPBS27XTEmployee's activity Code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 076):textPY-BE
T5BR6Form typesPY-BE
T5BPBS13CEmployee function code (ONSSAPL / RSZPPO 073)PY-BE
T5BCI13Complementary Indemnity: Reason for Incomplete monthPY-BE
T5BV8Actives for factory shutdown fund (FFE/FSO)PY-BE

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