SAP Table - TWIC0110

SAP TableTWIC0110
DescriptionRetail Store GR: Basic Settings for Goods Receipt
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategorySAP Retail Store

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

TWIC1321CTAssigment of buttons to device type: Device, task, buttonsLO-SRS
TWIC0900SAP Retail Store: Promotion Basic DataLO-SRS
TWICAPPLSAP Retail Store ApplicationLO-SRS
TWIC0515In-Store MIM: Customizing for SO condition typesLO-SRS
TWICAPPLTSAP Retail Store: Texts for ApplicationLO-SRS
TREC_FORC_COMPLTemporary data for the receiving forecastLO-SRS
TWIC1291SAP Retail Store Material Search: Plant range groupingLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_003TText Table - Tax Code Lines for Expense InvoiceLO-SRS
TWIC1200Basic Settings for SAP Retail Store Article Master Maint.LO-SRS
TWICSCMFSAP Retail Store: Assignment of Customizing Schemas to SiteLO-SRS

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