SAP Table - TWIC0401

SAP TableTWIC0401
DescriptionSAP Retail Store II: Permitted Reference Document Categories
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategorySAP Retail Store

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

TWICHHDEVTRetail Store HH: Unit Type Definition - TextsLO-SRS
WOSCR_GRP_004SRS Convenience Retailing - Breakdown of AccountsLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_001SRS Conv. Retailing - Groups for Expense Invoice AccountsLO-SRS
TWIC1010BSAP Retail Store II: Assignn Permitted G/L AccountsLO-SRS
TWIC1020SAP Retail Store: Permitted Units of MeasureLO-SRS
WSAO_T439SRS STO: Order Times in Planning CalendarLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_VALAdd-In Filter Value Talbe: Expense Invoice PostingsLO-SRS
WSTI_PDC_EVENTRetail Store Physical Inventory: PDC TransactionsLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_003Tax Code Lines for Expense InvoiceLO-SRS
TWIC0302SAP Retail Store PO: Allowed Reasons for OrderingLO-SRS

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