SAP Table - TWIC0900

SAP TableTWIC0900
DescriptionSAP Retail Store: Promotion Basic Data
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategorySAP Retail Store

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

TWIC0510In-Store MIM: Sales Order Basic DataLO-SRS
WOSCR_GRP_003TSRS Convenience Retailing - Account LinesLO-SRS
IVIEW_CO_GRCustomer order good receipt IView - Sales ordersLO-SRS
WGMP_SRSItems for SRS PDC GoodsmovementLO-SRS
WOSASAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Entities TableLO-SRS
TWICHHDEVKEYTRetail Store HH: Define Function KeysLO-SRS
TWICMESSAGESAP Retail Store: Define Characteristics of System MessagesLO-SRS
TWIC0300SAP Retail Store PO: Basic SettingsLO-SRS
WSTI_MKPF_INDEXPhys. Inventory During Open Time: Material Doc. IndexLO-SRS
TWIC0403ASAP Retail Store II: Accounts for Cash PaymentLO-SRS

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