SAP Table - TWIC1001T

SAP TableTWIC1001T
DescriptionSRS Master Data: Tab Title Texts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategorySAP Retail Store

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

WOSAVSAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document LinksLO-SRS
WOSCR_GRP_002TSRS Convenience Retailing - Subgrouping of AccountsLO-SRS
TWICAPPL_WDJSAP Retail Store: Technical Data on Web Dynpro for JavaLO-SRS
TWIC1001FSRS Stammdaten: Fields on TabstripLO-SRS
WOSCR_GRP_004TSRS Convenience Retailing - Breakdown of AccountsLO-SRS
TWICSKEYSAP Retail Store: Key for Selection in Selection BoxesLO-SRS
TWIC0501Store Retail Store: Order Entry, Allowed Order TypesLO-SRS
TWIC1310Retail Store HH: Assign Handheld ApplicationsLO-SRS
WSRS_DB_PLNT_CCSAP Retail Store: Assignment of Cost Centers to PlantsLO-SRS
WOSCR_SITE_GRPCash Balancing: Settings for Each Group of AccountsLO-SRS

Full List of SAP SAP Retail Store Tables