SAP Table - WSAO_T439

SAP TableWSAO_T439
DescriptionSRS STO: Order Times in Planning Calendar
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategorySAP Retail Store

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

WOSCR_GRP_002TSRS Convenience Retailing - Subgrouping of AccountsLO-SRS
TWICAPPL_WDJSAP Retail Store: Technical Data on Web Dynpro for JavaLO-SRS
TWIC1002SAP Retail Store Master Data: Buttons on Initial ScreenLO-SRS
WOSAVSAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document LinksLO-SRS
WSVD_DB_VNDR_PLTSRS Vendor Master: Maint. Authorization for Store-VendorLO-SRS
TWIC1000TSKSAP Retail Store: Tasks for Field Attribute ControlLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_COCODEVendor Invoice - Assignment for Each Company CodeLO-SRS
TWICAPPLTSAP Retail Store: Texts for ApplicationLO-SRS
TWIC1310Retail Store HH: Assign Handheld ApplicationsLO-SRS
WOSCR_EXI_ST_02Vendor Invoice - Store Settings (FI/CO)LO-SRS

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