SAP Table - AFBP

DescriptionCIM order: Batch print requests
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Orders

SAP Production Orders Tables

TCORUSSVALCheck Table for Detail Screen Customizing SingleScreen EntryPP-SFC
COWB270PARParameter for Flag for Deletion IndicatorPP-SFC
AFVCOperation within an orderPP-SFC
TRUSControl table for collective confirmationPP-SFC
COCF_SR_SUM_REPSections for Interim ReportPP-SFC
TCOFKTexts for functions in milestones/trigger pointsPP-SFC
TCOFGProfile for missing parts info system: criteria for groupingPP-SFC
TCOADObject profile - detail list - order information systemPP-SFC
COCF_CU_SNTYPEShift Note Type - Settings for Subscreen 0130PP-SFC
FUNREQFunction marked for PP/PSPP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tables