SAP Table - AFKO

DescriptionOrder Header Data PP Orders
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Orders

SAP Production Orders Tables

TCO43TDescription of production scheduler profilePP-SFC
TRUSControl table for collective confirmationPP-SFC
COCF_IS_BTN_TXTButton texts for Buttons of Information System feederPP-SFC
COMPSQUOCM: Comparison results; Single records for sequencesPP-SFC
COCF_SR_SUM_P_ESections for Interim Report EAMPP-SFC
TCO62Defining screen sequences for input facility and verificatn.PP-SFC
TCOPSField selection profilePP-SFC
TCO_FIELD_ATTROrder information systemPP-SFC
COCF_CU_SNTYPERShift Note - Possible Reference ObjectsPP-SFC
FUNREQFunction marked for PP/PSPP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tables