SAP Table - AFPO

DescriptionOrder item
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Orders

SAP Production Orders Tables

TCO63Sequence of detail screens when maintaining componentsPP-SFC
AFRP0Table of planned changes for confirmation (PDC)PP-SFC
COWB170PARParameters for Request for Creation of Capacity RequirementsPP-SFC
TCODBDatabase fields development class CO per order categoryPP-SFC
TPRRUTText table for process control of confirmationPP-SFC
AFVCOperation within an orderPP-SFC
COCF_SR_DSIGMETASignature Tool: Metadata for Shift ReportPP-SFC
COCF_CU_PRCHECKTTexts for Checking Production Supervisor ProblemsPP-SFC
TCO09CIM order: Text IDs of objects in ordersPP-SFC
COCF_CU_SNTYPEShift Note Type - Settings for Subscreen 0130PP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tables