SAP Table - AKKB

DescriptionDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Financial Doc. - Bank Data
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryForeign Trade

SAP Foreign Trade Tables

MMPREK_PRO_01Log table for archiving object MMPREKSD-FT
T609LTForeign Trade: Incompleteness: Country proced. - Descript.SD-FT
T606LLegal Control: Country Classification by Destination CtrySD-FT
T606DTLegal Control: Special Char. Code for Goods - DescriptionSD-FT
CONUForeign Trade: Duty Rate Numbers and Commodity CodesSD-FT
T612KFT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Duty Type - Condition typeSD-FT
T609BFT: Incompleteness: Doc.Pric.Procedure - Header and ItemSD-FT
T604Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code NumberSD-FT
T610CImport Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical ProductsSD-FT
ECCNLegal Control: Foreign PercentagesSD-FT

Full List of SAP Foreign Trade Tables