SAP Table - COWB210PAR

DescriptionParameters for Request for Technical Completion
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Orders

SAP Production Orders Tables

TCO36PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-up windowsPP-SFC
COWB135PARGenerate Parameters for Preselection of Control RecipePP-SFC
TCO_FIELD_TEXTOrder Information System: Field TextsPP-SFC
COCF_CU_SRBASICShift Report Type Independent CustomizingPP-SFC
COCF_SRShift Reports in PDF FormatPP-SFC
TCO62Defining screen sequences for input facility and verificatn.PP-SFC
NAVP_DEFAULTNavigation Profile: Default ProfilesPP-SFC
TCOKTAccount assignment categories for orderPP-SFC
TC32Assigning subscreen to processing locationPP-SFC
T490Transactions PP - orders - order categoryPP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tables