SAP Table - COWB220PAR

DescriptionParameters for Request for Technical Completion
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Orders

SAP Production Orders Tables

AFRUOrder ConfirmationsPP-SFC
AFKOOrder Header Data PP OrdersPP-SFC
TCORUSSVALCheck Table for Detail Screen Customizing SingleScreen EntryPP-SFC
T496DCIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per user/plantPP-SFC
COMPCONFOCM: Comparison result, state of change numbersPP-SFC
TCO03CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of order categoriesPP-SFC
TCOPSField selection profilePP-SFC
T496NCIM order: List descriptionsPP-SFC
COCF_CU_SNTYPERShift Note - Possible Reference ObjectsPP-SFC
AFSPRELRelation Between Orders in an Order SplitPP-SFC

Full List of SAP Production Orders Tables