SAP Table - HRP1403

SAP TableHRP1403
DescriptionDB table for infotype 1403
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryOccupational Health

SAP Occupational Health Tables

T7EHS00_RESQINFOHeader Information for QuestionnairesEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_STAMedical Service StatusEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_STATPRHealth Surveillance Protocol Assignment StatusEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_LABTESTGGender-Dependent Upper and Lower Reference ValuesEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_DIAGSLTDiagnosis Key (Matchcode Table)EHS-HEA
T7EHS00_EXAMLABAssignments of Examination to Lab. TestsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_STATMedical Service Status (Text Table)EHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_BEAApplication: Consultations in Med. ServiceEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_TESTAB1Reason for Significant ResultEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_BEFU_TYResult Code CategoryEHS-HEA

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