SAP Table - HRP1403

SAP TableHRP1403
DescriptionDB table for infotype 1403
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryOccupational Health

SAP Occupational Health Tables

T7EHS00_PROTEXAMExaminations for ProtocolEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_DIA_SRCSource of DiagnosisEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SCHEDTText Table for Health Surveillance Protocol TypeEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_MSCTCustomizing: Texts for Medical Measure CategoriesEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_LIMRestrictions of Medical ServiceEHS-HEA
HRP1403DB table for infotype 1403EHS-HEA
T7EHS00_OPTable for Storing OperationsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_PROTTProtocol Text TableEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_DIA_SRCTSource of DiagnosisEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_EGROUPExamination CategoryEHS-HEA

Full List of SAP Occupational Health Tables