SAP Table - T7EHS00RA

DescriptionLong-Term Average Rating A - E
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryOccupational Health

SAP Occupational Health Tables

T7EHS00_EXA_RESExamination Results in the Medical ServiceEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SUGGPERSProposal: Assign Person to Health Surveillance ProtocolEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_BEATApplication: Comments on Consultations in Med. ServiceEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_DIA_SRCSource of DiagnosisEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_OBJECTTEHS: Occupational Health ObjectsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_ANA_HEADEHS: Case History of PersonEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_PERHEALAssignment Person / Health CenterEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_AGENTREFReference Values for Agent (Obsolete)EHS-HEA
T7EHS00_TESTRESValue Assignment of Results of Medical TestsEHS-HEA
HRP1403DB table for infotype 1403EHS-HEA

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