SAP Table - T7EHS00RVS

DescriptionReference Value Source (Obsolete)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryOccupational Health

SAP Occupational Health Tables

T7EHS00_PRO_TXTComment Lines for Protocols in Medical ServiceEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_PREGFOLTable for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-follow_upEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_LABTESTTests for Laboratory ExaminationsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_PHYTESTTests for Physical ExaminationsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_WORKCTText Table for Work CenterEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_BEF_SRCTSource of Result (Text Table)EHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SRV_STAMedical Service StatusEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_UPLREFReference to Medical Data ImportEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_SCHEDTText Table for Health Surveillance Protocol TypeEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_AUD_INDAudiogram: Baseline StatusEHS-HEA

Full List of SAP Occupational Health Tables