SAP Table - S474E

SAP TableS474E
DescriptionS474 - Structure Information
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryBilling

SAP Billing Tables

CMP_VBFS_EXTStatus Messages from Mass Complaints ProcessingSD-BIL
PRSC_CATDETMATEngagement mgmt: Determine Materials for CategoriesSD-BIL
J_1ADOCCLSOfficial document class for ArgentinaSD-BIL
SDINVUPDVPRS Update: Worklist for VPRS UpdateSD-BIL
PRSC_MATDETCATEngagement mgmt: Determine Categories for MaterialsSD-BIL
TVVIEWPSD: Function Activation LogSD-BIL
TSTEInvalid will not be used anymoreSD-BIL
TVCLKTDescription of blocking reason (payment card)SD-BIL
KNVLCustomer Master LicensesSD-BIL
J_1ADOCCL2Texts for official document class in ArgentinaSD-BIL

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