SAP Table - T665GT

SAP TableT665GT
DescriptionSelf-Billing: Name of Customer Tolerance Groups
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryBilling

SAP Billing Tables

VSBGRHIDoc Header Regrouping InformationSD-BIL
S474Pendulum List - ConfirmationSD-BIL
TVRRURRevenue Recognition: Account Det.'Unbilled Receiv./Costs'SD-BIL
TSTLTaxes: Valid Tax Categories for Each CountrySD-BIL
TVFKTBilling: Document Types: TextsSD-BIL
TCCMPayment cards: Merchant IDSD-BIL
PRSD_CO_MAPPINGEM: Mapping original DMR lines to Carry Over linesSD-BIL
A399Withholding tax code - country-specificSD-BIL
J_1ASNRDT2Branch determination for material movementsSD-BIL
TVKTCustomers: Account Assignment GroupsSD-BIL

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