SAP Testing Tutorial

SAP Testing training tutorial for beginners, learn how to test SAP step by step with real time project scenarios.

Many organizations are now implementing ERP SAP application to maintain day to day business transactions. SAP Testing is about verifying the SAP application, whether its meeting the needs as per requirements.

SAP Testing is same as other testing, but here applications are SAP R/3 and enterprise portal. If any changes has done on R/3 and portal, you need to do test according to the change request and test the application.

Importance of SAP Testing

Testing helps SAP applications in achieving

  1. Accurate business functions and reports
  2. More reliable
  3. Integration of SAP with other applications

What do you learn through this SAP Testing Tutorial

  • Real time scenarios with examples

SAP Testing Syllabus

SAP Basics

  1. What is ERP
  2. What is SAP?
  3. List of Modules in SAP
  4. SAP system Landscape
  5. What is SAP solution manager (SolMan)
  6. SAP R/3 Architecture
  7. Types of Projects
  8. ASAP Methodology
  9. About SAP GUI Logon