Following are the requirements to build FastText successfully :

  • OS : Linux Distribution(like Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.) or MacOS
  • Compiler with C++11 support latest gcc or clang

Check if GCC is installed in your Linux Distribution :

Run the command “gcc –version” to check if gcc is installed. If not, install gcc and proceed with the building of FastText.

$ gcc –version

Build FastText

Open a terminal and run the following commands :

  1. Clone fastText.git project to your local machine using git command.
    $ git clone
    Git Clone fastText.git - FastText Tutorial -

    Git Clone fastText.git

  2. Open fastText and make the build
    $ cd fastText $ make
    Build FastText - FastText Tutorial -

    Build FastText

Verify the build

To verify if the build is successful and working, run the following command :

$ ./fasttext

“./fasttext” should output the following usage description

We have successfully built FastText.

In this FastText Tutorial, we have learnt to build fastText from github. In our next tutorial, we shall Train and Test Supervised Text Classifier.