Choosing a career in Salesforce is absolutely right from my view. Understanding every topic in Salesforce is important along with planned preparation. When preparing for any Job Interview, firstly candidate must have proper Interview questions topic wise. Now the task is very simple to crack Salesforce Interview. As part of Salesforce Interview questions, here we have listed top 25 Visualforce interview questions which will be asked in Interview.

Visualforce Interview Questions

Visualforce is the Markup Language (Tag based language) similar to HTML and XML which was developed by It contains tags and controllers where tags are also called as Components. Visualforce uses XML like syntax to create front-end design pages and it uses Apex as the backend to implement business logic. 

Salesforce Visualforce Interview Questions

Q1 - Different User Interface Technologies?

  • Page builder: In page builder UI is generated automatically and has limited control over the look and feel.
  • Visualforce: InVisualforce, the user interface is generated by the developer and provides full control over User Interface. Visualforce provides pixel level control over UI.

Q2 - What is Visualforce?

Visualforce is a markup language (tag-based language ) similar to HTML & XML languages. Visualforce consists of 2 primary elements Visualfore markup and Visualforce Controller.

Q3 - Where can a Visualforce page be used?

Salesforce developers can create Visualforce pages to override standard buttons and tabs, to define custom tabs, to embed components in detail page layout, to create the dashboard components and so on.

Q4 - Benefits of Visualforce?

Visualforce has user-friendly development, can integrate with other web-based user interface technologies, it has model view controller style development and many more.

Q5 - How to write a comment on the Visualforce page?

To comment on VF page use <! this is a comment>

Q6 - Different Visualforce controller explain them in brief?

Visualforce controllers are three type:

  • Standard controllers: Standard controller are available for all API entities and objects. They provide access to standard Salesforce data and behavior.
  • Custom controllers: Custom controllers are coded to create custom behavior / non-standard data sets. They can be used to create wizards and leverage callouts.
  • Controller extensions: It adds custom behavior and standard behavior. It is the combination of both standard controller & custom controller.

Q7 - Explain expressions & data binding?

In Visualforce, Dynamic content can be added using the {!} expression. This expression gets evaluated at runtime. Where VF uses the expression syntax to bind components to Salesforce data and actions in the page controller.

Q8 - What are the global variables?

Global variables are represented using $ symbol, these variables can be accessed across all the Visualforce page

  • Example: <h1>{!$user.firstname}

Q9 - Explain versioning?

Visualforce pages and VF components are versioned, previous versions are available even after new implementation are introduced.

Q10 - Explain Visualforce namespace?

In Visulforce, standard tags begin with word apex, where custom tags begin with the letter C. Salesforce user can register custom namespace instead of letter C.

Example: Standard tag : <apex:page>, Custom tag: <C:customtag>.

Q11 - How to enable Visualforce Development mode.

To enable development mode in salesforce navigate to Setup | My personal Info | Personal Information | Edit | enable development mode | Save.

Q12 - Different ways to create Visualfore pages?

  1. What is ViewState in Visualforce?
  2. Which api used to design visual force page?
  3. What is the difference between actionSupport and actionFunction?
  4. What is the actionRegion?
  5. What is the difference between insert and include?
  6. How do you use a static resource in VF page?
  7. What is a remote action?
  8. How many records can we print a pageBlock?
  9. What is the difference between related List, enhanced List, detail?
  10. What is the difference between controller and extension?
  11. What is Ajax? Have you used it? if so tell the scenario?
  12. What is Jquery? Where have you used?
  13. What is S-Controls?
  14. What is the use of Static Resource in Visualforce?
  15. Can I pass parameters from VF page to apex method?
  16. How do you refer to current page id?
  17. Tell me something $Action?
  18. How do you embed Google map in Visualforce?
  19. How do you pass the parameters from page to page?
  20. What are custom components?
  21. How do you make a VF page available for Salesforce1?
  22. How to use Sforce connection?
  23. How to implement autoLookup and query from VF pages?

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