Choosing career in Salesforce is absolutely right from my view. Understanding every top in Salesforce is important along with planned preparation. When preparing for any Job Interview, firstly candidate must have proper Interview questions topic wise. Now the task is very simple to crack Salesforce Interview. As part of Salesforce Interview questions, here we have listed top 25 Visualforce interview questions which will be asked in Interview.

Visualforce is the Markup Language (Tag based language) similar to HTML and XML which was developed by It contains tags and controllers where tags are also called as Components. Visualforce uses XML like syntax to create front end design pages and it uses Apex as the backend to implement business logic. Visualforce Interview Questions

Salesforce Visualforce Interview Questions

  1. What is viewstate in visualforce ?
  2. Which api used to design visual force page?
  3. What is the difference between actionSupport and actionFunction?
  4. What is the actionRegion?
  5. What is difference between insert and include?
  6. How do you use static resource in VF page?
  7. What is remote action?
  8. How many records we can print a pageBlock
  9. What is the difference between related List ,enhanced List ,detail?
  10. What is the difference between controller and extension?
  11. What is Ajax? Have you used it ?if so tell the scenario ?
  12. What is Jquery ? Where you have used ?
  13. What is S-Controls ?
  14. What is the use Static Resource in Visualforce?
  15. Can I pass parameters from VF page to apex method?
  16. How do you refer to current page id
  17. Tell me something $Action
  18. How do you embed Google map in visualforce?
  19. How do you pass the parameters from page to page?
  20. What are custom components?
  21. How do you make a VF page available for Salesforce1 .
  22. How to use Sforce connection ?
  23. How to implement autoLookup and query from VF pages ?

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