SAP BO Tutorial

SAP BO Tutorial for beginners – Learn SAP Business Objects step by step with real time scenarios through this SAP BO training tutorials from basics to advanced concepts.

History of BO

Business Objects was purchased by SAP company in the year 2007 from business objects corporation, USA. Since the versions are represented as SAP BO XI.

What is SAP BO

SAP BO (Business Objects) is a financial application of enterprise data warehouse (DWH) reporting tool for SAP system and non SAP systems. SAP BO is basically used to create higher level reports based on the interaction (Interactive reports) generated by using dash boards and score cards. Dashboards and score cards are used to take corporation level online.

Why business objects for an organization

SAP BO is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solutions. It allows you to access the data and analysis the data in an organization database directly from desktop. It provides the business intelligence semantic layer that isolates business users from complexities of database.

SAP BO application enables the organizations in strategic alignment, predictable results, performance and better decision making. SAP business objects and SAP business intelligence (BI) supports for reporting, query, analysis and performance of management

BO provides the following solutions

  1. Solutions for large enterprises
  2. Solutions for small and medium business organizations
  3. On-demand solutions
  4. SAP-BO rapid development solutions

SAP Business Objects has the following technologies.

  1. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).
  2. Business Intelligence (BI)
  3. Enterprise Information Management)
  4. Governance, Compliance, Resource (GRS)

What do you learn in this SAP BO Tutorial

  • Covers all the important concepts of SAP BO from basics to advanced topics.
  • Real time scenarios, issues with examples.
  • SAP BO interview questions and answers topic wise.
  • SAP BO certification guide

SAP BO training Course

This SAP BO training tutorials are designed for beginners and professional learners. We are updating BO syllabus from time to time with real time scenarios, so every reader is advised to keep in touch with this SAP BO tutorial for updates.