SAP Bods Tutorial

Free SAP BODS Tutorial for beginners – Learn SAP Business Objects Data Services from basic concepts to advanced concepts starting from introduction, architecture, data services, file formats, data loading, etc.

SAP BODS (Business Object Data Services) is an SAP DWH (Data Warehouse) product, where DWH is an enterprise level centralized reporting system. Data services is an end to end data integration, Data management, Test analysis software.

The important functions of SAP Bods are

  • Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) : – ETL can extracts the data from any database or tables and load the data into any other database or tables.
  • Data ware housing : – Database is designed and developed in a particular format for data analysis and reporting. It can be implemented by using data from database or data sources.
  • Data Migration : – Data migration is the process of moving the data from place to another place. It is a subset of ETL where the data is to be relocated from one software system or from one database to another database.
  • Business Intelligence : – It analysis the data of an organization effectively and helps in improving the business performance.


Before you start this SAP BODS tutorial, you should have a basic knowledge of SAP system, RDBMS, Data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI).

What do you learn in SAP Bods Tutorial

  • Basic concepts of SAP Bods for beginning learners
  • Step by step implementation of SAP Bods module
  • Real time Business Object Data Services project scenarios
  • SAP Bods interview questions and answers
  • SAP Certification guide

SAP Bods Training Syllabus

Refer below SAP Bods training tutorials as per syllabus wise so beginners can easily learn SAP Business Object Data Services (Bods) step by step with real time project scenarios.

  1. Bods Basics
  2. Data Services
  3. File Formats
  4. Data Stores
  5. Transforms