SAP HANA Tutorial

SAP HANA Tutorial for beginners – Learn SAP HANA step by step with real time project scenarios through HANA video tutorials, PDF training material and interview questions.

SAP HANA (High Performance Analytical Appliance) is an in-memory computing database and application platform that enables to process the database very fast.

Why SAP HANA is so fast?

Through SAP Hana, you can speed up system 10 – 1000 times faster than normal database. HANA is so fast because it stores all the data in main memory and process the from memory itself. It enables for all organizations to run transactions and analytics applications on the same instance at the same time.

SAP HANA Components

SAP AG provides the following components under the umbrella of SAP HANA, the main components are

  • SAP HANA database
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • SAP HANA Appliance
  • SAP Hana Application

What you learn in SAP HANA tutorial

  • Free training with real time scenarios
  • Job focused training tutorials with depth practical skills
  • Project based real time training guide with examples
  • SAP HANA certification preparation guidance
  • HANA interview questions and answers as per topic wise.

SAP HANA Tutorials

Refer below SAP HANA course training tutorial as per syllabus wise for easy understanding and convenient  learning.


  1. What is HANA
  2. HANA Architecture
  3. How to download and install HANA
  4. HANA hardware and software requirements


  1. What is Hana Studio
  2. How to download and install Hana studio

SAP HANA Data Processing

  1. An overview Hana data processing
  2. Creation of schema
  3. Creation of tables
  4. Types of replications
  5. Connect SAP Bods with HANA
  6. Transfer tables & extractors from SAP applications to Hana
  7. Trigger based applications
  8. Import flat files into Hana

SAP Hana data modelling

  1. Configure vendor for Hana modelling
  2. Create delivery unit
  3. Create packages
  4. Create attribute views
  5. Create analytical views
  6. Create calculated views
  7. Create stored procedures
  8. Create decision tables
  9. Create analytical privileges

SAP Hana Reporting

  1. Integration between Hana between SAP BO
  2. Creation of OLAP connection on Hana cube
  3. Create Hana optimized cube
  4. Convert classical cube to Hana optimized cube
  5. What is Hana optimized DSO
  6. Convert classical DSO to Hana optimized DSO.