SAP Security Tutorial

SAP Security training tutorial for beginners. Learn SAP Security module step by step from basics to advanced concepts with real time scenarios and examples.

SAP Security is used to protect protect the most sensitive and critical information from unauthorized access. SAP Security consists of two areas, i.e.

  • Internal Security: Managing users authorizations and authentications.
  • External Security: Protecting the SAP system from unauthorized users.

Importance of SAP Security

SAP R/3 is an ERP system that loaded with huge number of applications which can be configured to map the business process of an organization like procurement, sales, manufacturing, financial accounting, Human Resource management, etc. Only employees of an organization or business partners will get the access to SAP system and the SAP users will have the authorization to SAP system to perform the particular job/ task.

What do you learn through this SAP Security Tutorial

  • Step by step procedure implementation of Security module in SAP systems.
  • SAP Security interview questions & answers with explanations.
  • Covers all the important concepts of SAP Security module from basics to advanced concepts.


This SAP security tutorials are designed for beginning learners those who want to expertise in security module. After referring this SAP security training tutorial, you will be expertise in the implementation of security concepts in SAP.


This SAP security tutorial & materials are designed for beginners with little or no knowledge on SAP security module.The basic knowledge on SAP helps to learn SAP security quickly.