SAP Table - S264BIW2

SAP TableS264BIW2
DescriptionS264BIW2 * SD - Quotation
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryInformation System

SAP Information System Tables

ANLY_SD_SETUPActivation of Functionality for SD AnalyticsSD-IS
S264BIW1S264BIW1 * SD - QuotationSD-IS
TVSGSales Statistics GroupsSD-IS
TVSFKUpdate Group: Statistics (Header)SD-IS
S020ES020 - Structure InformationSD-IS
TVSFPUpdate Group: Statistics (Item)SD-IS
MCVSRFKStatistically Relevant Fields for Order + Delivery HeaderSD-IS
S135Value contract, target/release order valueSD-IS
S264BIW2S264BIW2 * SD - QuotationSD-IS
TMCW2Administrative Data for SIS Re-SetupSD-IS

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