What is InfoObject and Types of InfoObjects in SAP BW

InfoObjects are the basic information providers of SAP BW. Infoobjects structure the information needed to create data targets such as Infocubes, ODS Objects, Master data objects and queries, etc. All the business evaluation objects, such as Customers, Vendors, Stocks, Revenue, Products, etc are also called as InfoObjects.

Types of InfoObjects in SAP BW

In SAP BW, info objects are collectively classify into 5 types

  1. Characteristics
  2. Key figures
  3. Time characteristics
  4. Unit Characteristics
  5. Technical characteristics.

1. Characteristics InfoObjects : Characteristics are used to describe the objects that deal with the business process. These can be anything core business objects like Customers, Vendors, Accounts, etc. For e.g. Vendor – Name, Address, etc.

Data types for characteristics Info objects

  1. CHAR – Character String (maximum length 60)
  2. NUMC – Character string with only numerical digits (maximum length 60)
  3. DATS – Date Field in format YYYYMMDD stored as 8 characteristics.
  4. TIMS – Time field in format HHMMSS stored as 6 characteristics.

2. Key figure InfoObjects : Key figures are used to describe any kind of numeric information from business process.

Time Characteristics : Time Characteristics info objects are used in the mandatory time dimension of Infocubes to express the time revenues of business events.

Unit Characteristics : Unit  Characteristics infoobjects are used to store currency and units of measurement. i.e. Quantity, Amount, etc.